• - Brand: Martellato
  • Item #: MTSPIN24
  • Availability: Special Order

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Electric Spinner / Cake turntable is an essential tool for your kitchen. Decorate cakes and single portions, create chocolate decorations and enrich your products with detail.
Get perfect results simply by turning on Spinner and adjusting the speed and direction of rotation. With both hands free, you can devote yourself to your creation.
Compact, practical and lightweight.

  • Stable body with a circular guide on which rotates a perfectly planar plexiglass plane, with a graduated scale in cm and inch, with a diameter of 24 cm
  • Allows the correct and constant positioning of the product and the measurement of the decoration
  • Ability to turn both clockwise and anticlockwise at an adjustable speed
  • Directional LED lights intensify as speed increases
  • Non-slip silicone mat will ensure greater stability during processing

Please click the video tab to view the SPINNER in action!

Diameter 24 cm